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In 2014, we are still whooping with delight when movie studios depict a woman sharing a snippet of non-dude-focused conversation with another woman? And the test (which, again, Bechdel never intended to be the only word on the matter) seems potentially misleading. What should we ask of movies in terms of depicting women creatively, responsibly, compellingly?

As Tiger Woods once said, good morning, and thank you for joining me. Olympic champ Faith Kipyegon, world indoor silver medalist Dawit Seyaum the headliners. Results: Mackey for 8th, Cory Mc Gee for 14th AM Men's 100m: Another one!!!!

People can’t hear each other people can’t have compassion for each other… Yet Bechdel herself expressed ambivalence about the yardstick’s viral spread. It paved the way for countless blog posts, visualizations, and spin-off projects (See: the Deggans Rule, the Smurfette Principle, the Russo Test). In November 2013, Swedish theaters even announced that they would begin factoring compliance with Bechdel’s three-pronged standard into their film ratings.Normally we get flashy videos or comics that begin to tell a story, but since it’s just an icon change, we can’t assume too much.This post will be updated as more information becomes available.

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