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It’s probably more suited for Blues with clean or lightly crunchy tones.About Greenbacks Let’s start with a simple little thing.Since 1956, all Celestion chassis drivers have been stamped with a date code (2 numbers and 2 letters), denoting the exact date of manufacture.The codes are added on the production line and are placed on the speaker’s housing leg or the magnet edge.If you can track down the datecode, simply refer to the following set of tables, which provide an accurate record of the date codes used throughout the years.Since 1956, all Celestion chassis drivers have been stamped with a date code (two numbers and two letters), denoting exact date of manufacture.Date code "16BH" stamped on frame = most likely February 1950.

Possible culprits include the preamp tubes, the power tubes, the hum balance resistors, and the power supply caps.

You should be able to find a number stamped somewhere on the speaker’s frame.

The format may look like this: 220 637 Here the number 220 designates the speaker as a Jensen, and 637 indicates a production date of the 37th week of 1956 or 1966.

Most of you probably already know, but it’s worth to clarify this to the “newbies”, alright? ; P) G12M Greenback The old Celestions from the late 60s and early 70s had a green plastic back cover and this is why they were nicknamed “Greenbacks” (no sh*t, Sherlock!

), but “Greenback” does not refer to any specific model.

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